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they've captured the east coast rapist a cigarette may have led to his capture.... -------------------------------- "naked parties are a yale tradi" tradition" is it hazing....or an out of control party... what really hhppened in a college dorm... -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -- tony weather open -------------------------------- ------------------------ sot - kessler says: "we are not doing near as good of as job as we should be able to do." do."a national web of pipelines --- filled with gas ---what needs tt be done to prevent deadly disaster --- explosionsplosions 3 good evening i'm jeff abellkaren parks is
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off .... we start with developing news in south baltimore ---a man is dead after what appears to be an attempted car theft... happened at this warehouse on hollins ferry road this afternoon. investigators say two employees saw the suspect breaking into one of their cars.when they attempted to stop him --- the suspect jumped into his own vehicle and drove away ... "one of the employees was run over by the suspect's vehicle, the other employee we believe was dragged a short distance." to the hospital ---the victim who was run over -- has died. police found what they believe is the suspects vehicle --- tonight, one person is in custody. 3 we have breaking news in southwest baltimore ----police responded to a shooting and possible home invasion on north hilton street .... detectives are on he scene ... and police are interviewing witnesses.we'll have more information when it is available.
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he was wanted by the f-b-i... for more than a dozen violent crimes.but tonight... "the accused east coast rapist"... is behind bars.melinda roeder is here to explain what led to his capture, melinda.... melinda....police in virginia got a tip... which led them to the suspect... in connecticut. he was under surveillance.... when finally, thursday... authorities watched him drop a cigarette was the all the d-n-a evidence they needed to nab him. him. (maybe cover - ct police woman) :22"twelve cases have been linked by dna to the same offender."for the last 12 years... he alluded police. targeting victims in at leass four states along the east coast.but detectives finally got their guy.39-year-old aaron thomas was taken into custody while walking down a street in new haven, connecticut.(ct police woman) :50-1:01 "he was charged .... one million dollars cash bond." he's also facing abddction and firearms charges in virginia... for the two most
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recent rapes... that took place halloween night, 2009. but authorities believe his crime spree... goes back to 1997... in prince georges county maryland.(shorter version of standup begin @ 05:45)"the first two incidents... residents say they're relieved."02:41 "yes, a lot... knowing that he's been caught."43-50 "heck yeah... don't have to worry about stress or nothing."crystal mckelton... has been on guard lately... lately... after police released sketches of the suspect began posting them on billboards. :34-41 "yeah, i feel every ffmale be on guard... never knew where he;s lurking."some young women were warned by their mothers... who saw the news.01:30:01:40 "she told me never walk anywhere alone... dangerous out here. a lot going on. wanted to make sure i'm safe."it took authorities a while to link all the cases together...
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through d-n-a. but they still couldn't i-d the rapist.then. a tip put them right on track. (ct police woman) 01:21 "we are proud of our investigation... victims in our communities." 3 again, the suspect they have in custody now is aaron thomas. he was transferred tonight from his jail cell to a connecticut hospital.... after authorities say he tried expected to survive the suicide attempt and will undergo a physch evaluation soon. melinda roeder, fox 45 news at ten. charred stones and broken windows are the only signs of a fire here fighters rrscued one person who was raced to the hospital..... investigators are still trying to figure out how it started. the govans community wants to know who is torching homes in that community.... neighbors held a vigil there this afternoon. the lucas family narrowly escaped a fire at their home... ""veryone's given me some kind
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of word of encouragement and i've got to stay and hold on to my faith and iibelieve i shall be rebuilt and i will still be a member of the grovens community, praise god." god." to raise awwreness, the family plans to hold a vigil every saturday at 4 o'clock... 3 a kidnapper is on the loose in east baltimore tonight.... thats where a woman, walking down the sidewalk, was forced into a vehicle.... and as myranda stephens phows us tonight, police have a better description of the man behind the wheel. wheel. 28:00 it's not the best of a neighborhood 02 aishia bowlding is always cautious when walkinn around her east baltimore neighborhood.... and now she has one more reason why. 30:48 i feel for her and her family because now she has to you know that's something traumatic 53 police say around 7:30 last night... a 19-year-old woman was walking in the 900-block of north milttn avenue... when a man in an s-u-v asked her if she needed a ride. but when she told him no... the man grabbed the woman and forced her into his vehicle. myranda 3742 police once inside, the
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suspect then asked the victim if she wanted to have sex, but she refused 49 a short time later... the victim was able to escape... several blocks avenue. 16:41 after she got out of the veeicle the suspect briefly followed her in the vehicle 46 butt butt butt 1649 she was able to run from the scene and that's when she called police 53police are now looking for the suspect... who's described as a short, chubby hispanic man... 30- to-40-years old. he has black hair... and was wearing round frame eyeglasses, a gray sweater,,blue jeans and tan boots. police ssy his dark- colored s-u-v ... had a tan stripe on the side. 19:12 we're eally reaching out to the public if you know of someone who drives this type of vehicle if they fit the description please contact detectives, you can remain anonymous 21 and for aishia... the hope is police will find him... ooner than later. 3140 they better catch him because if he knows that he can get away then he'll do it again, and again, and again and it's unfortunate 47 in east baltimore, myranda
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stephens, fox45news at ten. 3 investigators are still trying to determine the exact motive in this case... the victim, we're told, was not injured. &pgas prices just keep climbing today's national average for regular is 3 dollars 49 cents per gallon. that's up 16 cents from last week. this time last year, gas was 2 dollars 72 cents per gallon. a series of gas line explosions in this country has prompted the national transportation safety board to hold hearings next month... tonight, fox news ccrrespondent laura ingle examines why those gas pipelines keep erupting. erupting. 3 ((vo/nats: philadelphia explosion)) philadelphia pennsylvania... san bruno california... and most recently allentown pennsylvania.... the scenes of horrific gas line explosions that left neighborhoods in uins, and 14 people dead. sot - kessler says: "we are not doing near as good of as job as we should be able to do." more than 28-hundred significant gas pipeline accidents have been recorded across the
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country since 1990 - a third of them causing deaths and significant injuries. sot - corbett says: "we have an aging infrastructure all across the country in particular in the eastern half of the country and pennsylvania."((gfx - map)) there are more than 220 natural gas pipeline systems, made of cast iron, steel, and plastic which snnke underground throughout the lower 48 states -- 21,000 miles of through heavily populated areas, a dangerous commination say watchdog groups.sot - kessler says: "cast iron pipe will fail and the law always envisioned that these things would be replaced over time. well here we are more than a centuuy later and we still have these things in the grounda?& they are kind of a ticking time bomb." by law, private and public pipeline operators are required to conduct leak surveys whichhcontinue to be one of the most important ways to ensure the safety of the lines. (lauua ingle standup) while the pipeline that broke here in allentown was over 80 years old and made of cast iron. - experts say age is just áoneá factor in judging the integrity of a pipe, adding, old lines don't
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necessarily mean immmnent disaster sot - swope says: "other factors include thh leak history of the pipe, the composition, the population density around the pipe, the geography, the road, the traffic patterns." federal pipeline regulators saa safety is a top concern. the obama administration is implementing new regulations that include additional pipeline insppctors and establish more stringent leak detection measures. in allentown pennsylvania laura ingle fox news. the last major gas explosion in maryland --- happened at a forestville strip mall in prince george's county firefighters and caused 2 ahd a half million dollars in dammge. 3 could bullets oon be flying at the riiz carlton...? according to the baltimore sun, an architect has been talking with ccty officials about the possibility of building a gun range in one of the penthouse-level condos.... city zoning officials are now investigating whether a firing
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range is even legal in baltimore. 3 there appears to be progress in the n-f-l labor union talks.. talks... after the two sides met yesterday, they emerged saying they had agreed to a another extension...this one lasting a full week...and negotiations will resume on seems both sides are getting serious, and their comments today reflected that... still no agreement yet on a new collective bargaining agreement --- but a new deadline --- is set for next friday.. it's that time of year again ---hundreds are testing their tumbling, dancing and cheering skills ---photojournalist &pjason fischer was there --- a they shoot for a spot on the ravens' cheerleaders squad...
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squad... prom season is right around the corner
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---and the tradition can be expensive. today, the 'priceless gown project' gave free prom dresses to seniors who can't afford to buy them. organizers hope to give recipients the full prom experience. "we have the lam gurus here. they're giving skin care and and makeup emonstrations to the students, giving them a little more ssarkle for the prom and helping them get ready for their day." day."more than 3000 gowns were donated by bridal boutiques, dress designers and private donors. 3
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"the audacity that the person that abused my child, and changed the course of our family and our life was suing us." us." a mother dealing with the trauma of her daughter being molested ... is sued by the attacker. ...why he says he's now the victim... it's hard to look at --- but in tonight's cover story--- why one family is turning to acupuncture --- to heal their nine year old daughter... fight back.. and help clean up the streets of baltimore. find out who is highlighted in this week's wheel of justice.. next.
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against crime. one spin.. and one phone call could land a wanted man behind bars. jeff barnd has tonight's wheel of justice. justice. new suspects on the wheel of will determine the fugitive we highlight tonight. we'll give you the hotline in just a moment.. if you have any information on our suspect. suspect. 22-year old cuintin golden is wanted for breaking in to his ex-girlfriend's house. it happened late last month.. at a home on abbott court near harford avenue. police say golden told his ex he was coming over. she told him to stay away.. and then left her home.
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13:33:09 when she got back home at about 3 in the morning she found that her house had been broken into. the front door had been kicked in and everything in the inside had been ransacked. investigators say goldent got away with about a thousand dollars worth of electronics. 13:33:42 he broke into a home this time. next time it could be worse. we know domestic incidents like this can escalate. so we fear the worst so we want to get him in off the streets and bring him to justice.cuintin golden is 5- feet 7-inches tall and weighs 190 pounds. pounds. you can help put cuintin golden behind bars. if you have any information.. call our hotline at 410-637-8970. we'll be back next saturday with more wanted suspects.. and another spin of the "wheel of justice". 3 --- gun pops --- --- rebel forces in libya are moving towards qaddafi's pometown. qadaffi forces have been able to maintain control
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of tripoli --- using heavy artillery, tanks, and even fighter jets against the protestors --- killing dozens. rebel fighters say they will continue the fight until qaddafi has stepped down. "the ball and the will of the person is more stronger than the... advance.." already taken control of the town of ben jawad --- and control most of the oil fields in east libya. there's a tug-of-war in washington over what to do with this nations budget. but are the parties close to a compromise...? peter doocy takes a look a the numbers. 3 3 republicans and democrats are really far apart when it comes to how much they want to spend and how much they want to cut. in their budget for the rest of this year- 50 billion dollars far apart- but even though they have different ideas about what should go- they are using the same confusing math. árepublicansá say the total of their cuts would be 102 billion dollars. ádemocratsá say theirs would add up to 51 billion.
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the ápresidentá says his party is making big concessions and he applauds them. obama says: "my administration has already put forward specific cuts that meet congressional republicans halfway. and i'm prepared to do more. but we'll only finish at the same table, working out our differences, and finding common ground." but because 41 billion dollars of both parties totals is really just savings based on this years budget-- which never passed- have democrats really met republicans half way? because when you include the 4 billion dollar cut in extension- republicans want to chop off 61 billion total dollars- democrats- about one sixth oo that--10 and a half. the gop says--that will not says: "you may have heard president obama say 'we're living within our means.' he's right about that. unfortunately, his budget doesn't match his words. it continues out-of-control spending, it adds to our $14 trillion debt, and it adds to
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the uncertainty that makes it harder to create jobs."on cam tag and the democratic senate majority leader harry reid is calling for a tuesday vote on both parties proposals. but he says he doesn't expect either to ever make it to the presidents desk. in washington, peter doocy, fox news. in wisconsin -- governor scott walker sends hundreds of layoff notices to labor unions . estimated 15 hundred &ppeople are expected to be layed off by early april. lawmakers are still working to amend the proposed budget but the governor says collective bargaining reform is not a negotiating point ".... we're not doing this as a pawn in a chess game, we're doing this because we're legally obligated to inform our employees by virtue of theircontract, that beginning of april we're going to have to do these layoffs to get that thirty million dollars of " savings."protestoos are now allowed back inside the wisconsin capitol building with strict rules. the
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captiol building has sustained an estimated 7 million dollars in damage during the protests. layoffs could be stopped if democcatic senators come back to vote. it was a little cloudy today but will the skies clear for to? tomorrow...?meteorologist tony pagnotti is in for emily gracey tonight--- and has a look at the forecast... forecast... 3 3 the weather didn't keep these people from
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hitting the water today.... they came to gunpowder falls state park to take a dive for a cause... cause... . (1:53:43) (nats river) (1:20:22) (audio) "we are going to have a blast today..." t gunpowder state park today.... (1:31:35) "marshy point martians...!" they transformed the sandy river banks....into a stage. (1:27:14) "i gottaawalk like a duck and talk like a duck, so it works out...." (1:44:40) (contest) "lets do it again here..." they came here to raise money for the marshy point nature center..... (1:46:10) "put it in...put it in...." (1:23:28) (organizer) "the more money we get in the more programs we can have the more naturalists we can supplement..." (music kids dancing nats) (celebration music) but this more than a fundraiser..... (2:00:30) (audio nats) "there we go. its gonna be brutal..." this was a hair raiser.... (2:01:44) "i'm freezing..." (2:02:28) "we are not cold at all. its beautiful out here..." (2:09:20) "this ii my first time doing it..." for the fifth year, the marshy point nature center opened its waters....for the popsicle plunge....
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(1:59:40) "1...2...3 plunge...yeah...!" in the 40-degree waters...younger people.....and older ones...took the plunge.... (2203:03) "three...ugh..." (running in) this was a day to nurture nature....head on. (2:08:54) "its worth it for a little cold water its absolutely worth it..." 3 about a hundred people took part in todays plunge. 3 "people were getting a little out of hand with drinking, getting a little careless with their action." action." college parties getting out of control ---what happened at the drunken sex party ---why students áaren'tá shhcked by them.... g.lloyds says: " they feel like i get hit in the head with a hammer and sometimes it feels like it's getting squeezed. " "a nine year old with intense next in tonight's cover story
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---why her parents turned to acupuncture for help... parents go to great lengths to insure the
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health of their children.... but what happens when traditional medicines simply don't work....? in tonights cover story, gilbert corsey shows us how one family found relief in accupuncture. accupuncture. it is tough to look at. and does not come easy.
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yet for gabi lloyd it's a solution. k.lloyds says: "two hospital visits in october and one in january" the 9-year old girl suffers from debilitating migraines. she was a premie baby and sees a pulmonary specialist.. for years her doctors and family thought her constant pain was linked to severe asthma.k.lloyds says: " it's's not a good feeling. " g.lloyds says: " they feel like i get hit in the head with a hammer and sometimes it feels like it'ssgetting squeezed. "k.lloyds says: " it was the look on her face, something bad was going to happen very soon and i was trying to figure out what it was " and when they did figure it out.. her mother says gabi went on a trial and error prescription cocktail.k.lloyd says: " she had been on 10 different medicines prior to the migraines for her asthma
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trying to get that under control and when you add more medicines then 2 or 3 more for her migraines. " kristeen lloyd is also a nurse k.lloyd says: " and i said that's just too much. that's to much for her." doctor mark mcdonald offered a different answer. the new u of l physician just launched a pediatric acupuncture office in addition to his traditional practice. making him one of only two physicians in the metro area performing the ancient asian medicine on children.mcdonald says: " japanese acupuncture we clear her harare, that's the abdominal reflexes associated with everything n her life, toxins, immunity adrenal, western culture we have stress so i can tell where she has pain and release it through acupuncture points. " gabi gets three different treatments, acupuncture via laser, electronic stimulation and...the needles.. although she won't call them
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needles....on this day they're relief sticks. it's the most challenging part of the 9 get a nine year old to believe each pinch will make her feel better. doctor mcdonald started building trust... starting with one needle on the first he's up to nine. after each prick a bit of reassurance. after three visits she was almost completely pain free. her mother says she came back to life. playing like a normal kid again, her grades improved and her asthma is under control. k.lloyd says: "she's happier when she's pain free she's easier to live with...let's just put it that way." the family now knows foods are her triggers but they're still learning which ones cause the pain. and one mistake can cause another migraine. so she lives day to day with this pain chart. she says headaches come back
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about once a week but they're not as severe. and she sees doctor mark twice a month. corsey says: " some people in the medical community doubt the acupuncture because it's not based in science. and if it's not performed properly it can have some serious complication like bleeding, fainting and infections. "mcdonald says: unfortunately many physicians if they don't have an exact cause for the pain they think the kids faking to get out of school but kids don't want to be in pain"k.lloyd says: "i kind of feel like all the physicians i had seen that people were ok with her being in pain to me an 8 or 9 year old should not be in pain she's a kid. " a kid who push past needles nd found a bit of relief. 3
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"naked parties are a yale tradi" tradition" parties that are getting out of conttol --- or a case of hazing ?what happened at a party in a yale dorm...and how the university is dealing with the problem... "i've tried yoga and pilates and this is amazing because you feel like you're making the slightest little tweaks and all of a sudden your entire thighs, like ablaze. it's really intense." intense." need a change to your workout ??...the new fitness craze that will change you from a sitting a black swan --- later on the news aa ten...
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óñ @h, university are probing what
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really happened at a naked sex . party....investigators want to know if a sexual assault happened at the party last month.the hazing party was hosted by the pundits --- yale's private society prank was by invitation only --- and guests were allegedly forced to chug
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alcohol --- get naked --- kiss and do a lot more. "the pundits are kind of crazy, they throw a lot of random parties, they get involved with a lot of crazy events, they pull a lot of pranks." students were notified of the ppssible assault and told to be careeul while on campus. a sex offender in washington state is suing the mother of his victim --- danielle schneider wrote about the man molesting her daughter on her blog. patrick rojas says the blog posts are embarrassing and are the reason he can't land a job. schneider says she took to the blogosphere to warn the community about rojas and the damage he's caused. "the audacity that the person that abused my child, and changed tte course of our family and our life was suing us." us."rojas pleaded guilty in
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2007 to communicating with a minor for immoral purposes --- which is a misdemeanor. 3 mariotti says "i was coughing really bad, i actually had acute bronchitis and i just couldn't breathe..." those sudden health emergencies that land you in the e-r waiting room for hours ---the new program that some hospitals are using to cut down on those impatient patients... "i've tried yoga and pilates and this is amazing because you feel like you're making the slightest little tweaks and all of a sudden your entire thighs, like ablaze. it's really intense." intense." looking a new workout to get out of your dull routine ?the new fitness craze that willlchange you from a sitting a black swan --- later on the news at ten... 3
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some emergency rooms are now taking áreservationsá for non-life threatening cases. through a system called "in quick e-r" --- you can make an appointment instead of waiting hours to see a doctor. it's designed to help relieve overcrowding...and can cost up to 25-dollars.but if your appointment isn't kept within 15 minutes --- you get a refund.some doctors are skeptical...
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"they're band aids that are created because we've got a real serious problem with access to emergency care, and we're an entrepreneurial country, people see an opportunity to market a product or service, they're going to do it." the program is being used in some 25 hospitals around the country. 3 a new type of fitness class is heading to gyms across the country ---it's like yoga, pilates and ballet --- wrapped harris finds out if the workout is a deal or a dud.... dud.... many fitness fads end up being a fitness faux pas....but what if you combined time-tested workout techniques... with a timeless art? art? there are lots of excuses for not hitting the gym.seagroves " a lot of people have back issues and
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developing core strength not only helps to keep you fit and you know, more well-rounded as far as your health goes, but it really helps to strengthen and support your lower back" but now, one new workout trend claims to increase your balance, flexibility, and core dance.áácut first part of this sot out!!!ááit combines the movement of dance, ballet, yoga, pilates and stregthening exercises to give you a really great cardiovascular workout" people across the country are using the fundamentals of ballet... to increase the fun.. and intensity of their use a ballet bar for support.but is this fusion fitness class just a big flub? we put the workout to the will it work test.seagraves "we move to target the arms and the gluteal muscules, the legs, the abdominal, pretty much you can expect to get everrthing in the class."you use your own body weight as a
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natural tool to build muscles. pescie "i've tried yoga and pilates and this is amazing because you feel like you're making the slightest little tweaks and all of a sudden your entire thighs, like ablaze. it's really intesnse." so will it work?seagraves "using the breath in aerobic classes or in yoga classes really helps to center the mind and whether you're trying to mediate or whether you're just trying to turn down the volume in your brain just a little bit, that's something that can really work for people. and it does" for more information .. log on to fox baltimore dot com slash newslinks. newslinks.patrice harris fox45 news at ten. 3 .the final regular season game for the terps... did virginia ruin senior day at maryland???... find out next in sports unnimited... 3 3 .th their final game of the
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regular season... joel d smith joins us now in sports unlimited to tell us if the seniors finished their careers on a high note... joel... joel... .coming up tonight on sports un. unlimited... .adrian bowie... cliff tucker... and dino gregory all playing in their final game at the comcast center... would there be a happy ending in college park for the 3 seniors???....the terps and blue devils needed overtime on the lacrosse field... see the incredible ending to regulation that sent the game to the extra session....and hopkins hosted princeton for the 81st meeting of the 2 storied programs... see the play that had dave pietramala going crazy... that's coming up....sports unlimited starts right now... in college park, the terps trying to finish the season at .500 in the acc. that used to be good enough to make the big dance. not this year. it was senior day, so you want in

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